Exclu Française "caoutchoucs" Super Bands

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Exclu Française "caoutchoucs" Super Bands

Message par zpeakabonk » lun. 06 01, 2014 13:16


En Exclu pour la France chez Zpeakabonks-pinball-paradise

des "caoutchoucs de Flipper" Super Bands par JCS

Les Super bands sont des "Caoutchoucs" en Polyurethane , Beaucoup plus résistant que un caoutchouc classique
mais aussi rebondissant que un caoutchouc rouge
les Super bands sont "quasi" inusable et un coup de chiffon suffira en general pour les nettoyer
Disponible en toute les couleurs aussi en mini flipper et pour les Gottlieb

Dans ma Boutique au prix spécial de 1.65 euro

http://www.zpeakabonks-pinball-paradise ... large.html

http://www.zpeakabonks-pinball-paradise ... -mini.html

http://www.zpeakabonks-pinball-paradise ... tlieb.html

Merci Et Bon Flipp!!!!!!

Quelque's info's sur les Super Bands du Fabricant

© 2013 - JCS Pinball | Cranberry Township | PA | 16066 | Proudly Made in The U.S.A.

Super-Bands TM

Super-Bands™ are polyurethane replacements for flipper rubbers. They were conceived by JCS, a pinball enthusiast, and formulated by a Ph.D. polymer chemist to meet specific performance requirements. The parts are produced with rebound properties that match that of soft red flipper rubber to provide the same lively feel during play. The polyurethane material, however, is far tougher than traditional flipper rubber and lasts a good bit longer. Super-Bands can be easily wiped clean when they get dirty and can be rotated for even longer life. They are available in 8 colors, plus clear, and will not stain the flipper bats or leave residue on the playfield. Super-Bands are made in Cranberry Township, PA, USA, under strict ISO-9001-certified quality controls. The parts have been tested extensively at the Pinball Hall of Fame in Vegas, at the PAPA facility in Carnegie, PA, on hundreds of routed games, and in home collections. Feedback has been tremendously positive. These parts were used at the 2013 PAPA World Pinball Championships.

Super Bands are available in standard size and mini size!


Tim Arnold, Owner, Pinball Hall of Fame, Las Vegas: "I wholeheartedly endorse this product! Finally, someone is focusing on QUALITY, American-made parts for pinball. These (Super-Bands) hold up very well, way longer than rubber, and can easily be wiped clean. I love how they are translucent and reflect the lights almost like they are glowing. They bounce way better than the crap off the boat and they don't stain the flipper bats. They also don't crumble and leave residue on the playfield like rubber does. Again, I wholeheartedly endorse these. Great product!"

Mark Steinman, PAPA, Director of Operations: "JCS Pinball's Super-Bands were chosen to be used in multiple games in each division of the 2013 PAPA World Championships. PAPA does not, and will not, endorse a one-size-fits-all approach to flipper rubber because we believe different types of game designs require different types of rubber to bring out the most in high-level tournament players. However, the Super-Bands were field-proven through extensive testing, giving us the confidence to use them, along with traditional rubbers, during this high-profile event. For casual play, PAPA will be transitioning all of its route games and practice banks to Super-Bands for the obvious benefits."

Trent Augenstein, Tilt Amusements, operator: "Super-Bands are by far the lowest maintenance flipper rings I have ever operated with. They wipe clean and wear is almost non-existent. Gone are the days of rotating your rings to keep them from breaking. I like the way they play too."

Doug Polka, Pittsburgh Pinball, Operator and Tournament Director: "As a tournament director, I used the Super-Bands on multiple game at the
Pittsburgh Pinball Open. Most players didn't even realize they were there which is a testament to how similarly they play to standard pinball rubbers.
The Super-posts are also a way to get more action out of a game and increase the unpredictability of the game. As an operator, the durability of the Super-Bands, which PGH Pinball has been testing for quite a while now, is amazing. They keep the properties of fresh flipper rubber long after their standard pinball rubber counterparts would have failed completely. As a collector I enjoy the fact that both the Super-Bands and Super-Posts come in many colors and don't shed rubber all over my home machines. The Super-Posts are way ahead of other colored posts available on the market now in both appearance and how they play. As a tournament director, operator, and collector I believe Super-Rubbers and Super-Posts are two of the best innovations in pinball in recent years."

toute les semaines du nouveau!!!!!!!!!!!